Speck… we’ve witnessed what a speck of dirt is capable of. Indubitably, whole lots of decoration, spotless fashion, luxuries, natural exquisite pale complexion can be altered and deteriorated just by a speck. That sounds kinda horrible, doesn’t it? Who would like to have a speck on their occasional costumes. Who would like to be ruined by a spot. 

For instance, it is the very first day at your school and accidentally the moving car spits mud into your brand new uniform, what would your reaction be? Like an Outrageous bull directed towards nowhere. It’s like an entrapment in your own anger and grudges. In this kind of scenario, specks are largely attributable to embarrassment, shamefulness.

If you have time to gaze around your circle, everything seems speckled and quite messed up. Nothing is perfectly spotless here. Spotless per se a speck. Moreover, Life is built up with the specks. Likewise speck of disappointments, speck of failure, speck of heart broken, speck of dreams, speck of ambitions, speck of faith, never ending series.

Can’t we change a miserable and a pathetic environment with just a speck of smile and positivity”?- Biplop Pandey

In the contemporary time, seemingly, people value more man-made stuff relatively to each other’s existence. I would like to elucidate this, gradually artificial stuff is dictating and controlling people’s impulses and their requisites. If you are being dubious then simply critique your daily life schedule. You don’t feel normal, if one day you don’t take your cell phone whilst poo. You don’t feel like showering, if the music ceases playing in between. And that is today’s reality. It  concludes that we are habituated and accustomed  to artificial inventories and technologies. consequently, that is the superior speck of extinction of humanity. This speck we are talking about is extremely perilous. It actually is accountable for all the proliferation of chaos and turbulence  around people which totally changes the shape and mindset of them. The more enlightening ourselves, the more we are becoming simpleton and imbecile.

   Even though you somehow managed to come through a speck of dirt on your fashions, it will be completely different than that if you encounter the speck of dirt on someone’s character. Bruises and cuts can heal by time but  the implications of chronic dark speck of intention and conscience to the people are less likely to be healed and get rid of. 

It’s simple to figure out whether you’ve got that black spot inside you or not. Your perception towards the other people reveals the intensity of your dark speck. If the intensity of that dark speck is high, it implies your resentment, frustration and grudges to the other people. So means completely negative. On the contrary, If the intensity of that speck is low as it changes to white from black. It implies your good will toward other people.

So decide which one you are into.                                                                       

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