blank but endearing;

Commencing with blank. What first came in the skull thinking about blank? Do you think about the blank cheque? Or you think about the blank paper? Likewise you could find lots of stuff relevant to blank. But have you ever thought that we all are blank somewhere? How do you wanna proceed, in a positive direction or negative? I wanna lead this to a positive direction. Blank does not mean you got nothing. It indicates that you are available for every possible thing, things which you would like and grant it to be printed. It reflects that you are utterly immaculate.  So, how do  you wanna exploit this blank space? Wisely or recklessly. Wanna make it a lake of conundrum or lake of serenity. Wanna forge it or exacerbate it. I would like to suggest that tattoo the things which make you feel like you are alive and give you the joy and comfort over events throughout your entire life.  

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