deep deeper deepest

We’ll again be laughing and indulging somewhere. That time the laughter will be from origin of the heart. And your laughter will provide the spark of vitality, rejuvenation, invigoration.

Though, we have come into the race of triumph and defeat later but we gonna end up in somewhere we always wished for.

Masquerading, forging, disguising, faking, concealing, that’s what we’ve been pushing ourselves through. your inner emotion are being concealed and that’s due to the fact that you are frighten to reveal what you originally feel about. even smile on the face is being masqueraded to exhibit the world that you are more than happy. furthermore, life is being disguised cuz we aren’t being okay to reveal our originality, our origin. why are we ashamed of those who don’t give a damn? what should we presume, living a satisfying life disguising and pretending that who we aren’t or accepting that is a flamboyant way to live and survive in this era. it is a utter enigma.

I would make a point that we are the merely one who are enslaving and trampling ourselves in fictional cell not the people around you. that’s certainly happening because before indulging and doing something we really like and love, we start critiquing implications and perish our impulses and stuff what we wanted to do.

why can’t we just liberate ourselves from those foreseeable implications and results? why can’t we just live at the moment? why can’t we just stop thinking about other’s perception towards us?

Assist yourself to become the type of person you wished to be.


Why is this becoming arduous to control over leftover sentiments?

Why is this likely to be impossible to draw a legitimate aggrements?

Till when we keep doing humanity and philantropy assassins?

Why does it feel like it is unattainable to conceive genuine and real moments?

How come nobody wants to talk about empathy and not try to manifest lenient?

Why is this becoming arduous to get triumph over such malignant?

 Do you believe this is the end imminent?

sensible balance between optimism and pessimism:

Morgan Housel on finding the sensible balance between optimism and pessimism:

“Optimism is usually defined as a belief that things will go well. But that’s incomplete. Sensible optimism is a belief that the odds are in your favor, and over time things will balance out to a good outcome even if what happens in between is filled with misery. And in fact you know it will be filled with misery. You can be optimistic that the long-term growth trajectory is up and to the right, but equally sure that the road between now and then is filled with landmines, and always will be. Those two things are not mutually exclusive.”

He also writes:

“Optimism and pessimism can coexist. If you look hard enough you’ll see them next to each other in virtually every successful company and successful career. They seem like opposites, but they work together to keep everything in balance.”

Source: The Psychology of Money

blank but endearing;

Commencing with blank. What first came in the skull thinking about blank? Do you think about the blank cheque? Or you think about the blank paper? Likewise you could find lots of stuff relevant to blank. But have you ever thought that we all are blank somewhere? How do you wanna proceed, in a positive direction or negative? I wanna lead this to a positive direction. Blank does not mean you got nothing. It indicates that you are available for every possible thing, things which you would like and grant it to be printed. It reflects that you are utterly immaculate.  So, how do  you wanna exploit this blank space? Wisely or recklessly. Wanna make it a lake of conundrum or lake of serenity. Wanna forge it or exacerbate it. I would like to suggest that tattoo the things which make you feel like you are alive and give you the joy and comfort over events throughout your entire life.  

lets accept the fact

Is there any deficiency in your soul and character? Is there any incorrigible grandiose behaviour? 

You deny to acknowledge this all. And you know that Your soul is indubitably immaculate and pristine. When it comes about the emotions, there is no any needs to beg to the person who don’t give a fuck about your enthusiasm, your way to take care of, your way of loving and talking. If you start evoking the moments and time being with that person gently and in an overall way, you will end up with the nutshell of that person being insidious in your life. That’s incredible to find the portion in which the flow of a relationship went wrong. 

I wanna ask you guys what would you do if you find out the next person in a relationship is completely detrimental to you and completely changed?

 And you know what, in spite of that ,most of the people here would choose to get involved with that person. What makes it so hard to just leave and move on and get rid of nightmarish and malicious one instead. Why there is the necessity to demonstrate the whining and crying to the walls and nature. After witnessing a lot of unmitigated sabotaging and destruction being enticed by love and attachment,you are willing to fall for a totally wrong look and appearance.  Think and live.

Someday we all were shattered

now how we wanna rise really matters.

 Merely experience can bestow you the life lesson

Forget that we can do an expulsion.

Perceive about how to reinstate your way of living

And commence to love yourself and keep dreaming.

It’s okay to let them go.

First and foremost, your life can’t be chased by bliss and solace, if you keep living in the past. That’s the truth whether you believe or deny. 

 Whose accountability is it for salvation and enhancing oneself?

 I believe that it is an arduous process to sprout and start life over, once you have shattered and fell apart. But this ain’t the way to live and cherish the living. It’s like you are giving the opportunity to trample and revel the people who inherently prayed for your downfall and malicious whim.

 This is what you anticipated? 

We cannot let them do what they want. We cannot grant our foe to sabotage life easily. To do so, stop seeing lousy. Don’t let them notice that you are going through something and up to something. Actions certainly matter here. The more you seem vibrant and cool, they can’t even contact their line of vision. Live with wholly self-esteem. 

Design your own world regardless of people with nightmarish traits and intentions. Unfollow them who endeavoured to prevalent negativism in your world. Ditch them who attempted to ridicule your suffering. Don’t even gaze at them who took their shoulder back when needed the most. 

It’s a far better option to disconnect toxic people from your world, it doesn’t matter who they are to you and whatever your relation with that person. If they sabotage your happiness and peace then they ain’t related to you. Simply, Boycott those motherfuckers. It’s like living in utopia alone rather than involved with shitty mindset people.

You need to outshine along the darkness. Outshine where there is no hope and joy left, outshine through the impossibility. You have to outrun and outgrow where the world showers you an unbearable agony and a disastrous time.

There will come a day, where the entire mediocre people stand against you, denigrate you but don’t be in a rush to reply and defend. There is actually no need to defend each and every broken and useless missile. They need to be reinstated.

They believe that they can give enormous damage but in reality, they can’t. They are just hallucinating. First let them match your system, profile and intellect.

Never ever endeavour to haggle and prevail over mediocre(they don’t deserve). Let them spell out the negativity they have inside. That’s their mediocrity taking. They aren’t at your level. Remember that. Live your life with your own rules and terms. Don’t step backwards thinking about what they will comment on you. Cheers!!.

Redemption code



Whilst I was running after my dream and all of a sudden I had to cease because life’s disaster came over. I witnessed the heart beating too fast,endeavouring to manifest something. That was the best beat of lifetime.he was up to something.The beat wanted to raise the rays of hope, faith including pain and suffering. He was fed up beating for the wrong world.

 He( beat) yearned to conceive the fresh and best world for him regardless of deceit,trick, hoax,conflicts, and all the terms which led him to the darkness and disenchantment. He urged rejuvenation and resonance in the abyss of adequacy.

He craved the liberation by carving the scars of trust and hope.



The world around you is deficient, it’s not perfect. We could be or could not be conditioned by it. it relies on us. What do you think  you are?- a fragile and delicate creature or a creature who has the audacity to cope with turbulence and menace throughout life.

You are solely responsible for what you are and where you are. We cannot point out others for our circumstances. We cannot be fragile souls to make a decision of our life. You need to be robust and confident. There are lots of accomplishments which have been waiting for so long. we need to kiss those accomplishments. do not flee away from your life. It is all what you have got. Grasp it in good and hard times. and  It’s your responsibility to enhance,modify and fight vigorously to acquire dreams and accomplishments. Noone is going to do this for you. 

       Dark and light, happy and sad, love and hatred. depression and isolation,trauma and anxiety, grief, remorse and the void, they all are associated with us. They all are a part of our entire journey. You can't evade from these events. They are formidable, however they teach you the best lesson and strengthen you from the inside out. Cleanse your whining heart. Fill the void with hope and faith. 

Grant yourself whatever you’ve been through.  Everyone out there contradicts you ,leave your side. Ultimately, you are all alone. You got your own back. You must shift the feeling of self-loathing to self-loving. Elope with your thoughts and ambitions rather than crappy crap.Then you were alone, rejected and inappropriate for someone but now you are healed,prolific,balanced and appropriate for oneself. You changed yourself dramatically. You are adequate and effervescent about yourself. You intensified yourself through rough patches, drought of attachment and love when needed the most. 

Not everything lingers here, not even your unfavorable situation and journey full of ventures. There will come a culmination of every single bad moment. So cling with yourself. You are the precious commodity. What matters here is you, merely you. you must hope and faith that you will arise again completely even more stronger and sophisticated. Do not let them break you,trample and ridicule you. Sometimes,You have to play an excruciating game to get triumph. Triumph over negativity , over baddest ass, over cruelty ,over anti humanitarianism.  You need to be conscious about what your inner self wants, shape your life accordingly and navigate your pathway towards a cascade of authenticity and bliss you want. It’s only you who regulate your temperament and pitfalls. 

Modify yourself until you feel free. The world keeps oppressing you until you prioritize your self-worth. It’s arduous to  unlearn unessential insights and re-learn essential one. Sometimes it is better to start over and live with peace and laughter.

                                                                                                                       Thank you.

We can fill the void not only being loved and cared , however also involved with mother nature. Feel it.