deep deeper deepest

We’ll again be laughing and indulging somewhere. That time the laughter will be from origin of the heart. And your laughter will provide the spark of vitality, rejuvenation, invigoration.

Though, we have come into the race of triumph and defeat later but we gonna end up in somewhere we always wished for.

Masquerading, forging, disguising, faking, concealing, that’s what we’ve been pushing ourselves through. your inner emotion are being concealed and that’s due to the fact that you are frighten to reveal what you originally feel about. even smile on the face is being masqueraded to exhibit the world that you are more than happy. furthermore, life is being disguised cuz we aren’t being okay to reveal our originality, our origin. why are we ashamed of those who don’t give a damn? what should we presume, living a satisfying life disguising and pretending that who we aren’t or accepting that is a flamboyant way to live and survive in this era. it is a utter enigma.

I would make a point that we are the merely one who are enslaving and trampling ourselves in fictional cell not the people around you. that’s certainly happening because before indulging and doing something we really like and love, we start critiquing implications and perish our impulses and stuff what we wanted to do.

why can’t we just liberate ourselves from those foreseeable implications and results? why can’t we just live at the moment? why can’t we just stop thinking about other’s perception towards us?

Assist yourself to become the type of person you wished to be.