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The world around you is deficient, it’s not perfect. We could be or could not be conditioned by it. it relies on us. What do you think  you are?- a fragile and delicate creature or a creature who has the audacity to cope with turbulence and menace throughout life.

You are solely responsible for what you are and where you are. We cannot point out others for our circumstances. We cannot be fragile souls to make a decision of our life. You need to be robust and confident. There are lots of accomplishments which have been waiting for so long. we need to kiss those accomplishments. do not flee away from your life. It is all what you have got. Grasp it in good and hard times. and  It’s your responsibility to enhance,modify and fight vigorously to acquire dreams and accomplishments. Noone is going to do this for you. 

       Dark and light, happy and sad, love and hatred. depression and isolation,trauma and anxiety, grief, remorse and the void, they all are associated with us. They all are a part of our entire journey. You can't evade from these events. They are formidable, however they teach you the best lesson and strengthen you from the inside out. Cleanse your whining heart. Fill the void with hope and faith. 

Grant yourself whatever you’ve been through.  Everyone out there contradicts you ,leave your side. Ultimately, you are all alone. You got your own back. You must shift the feeling of self-loathing to self-loving. Elope with your thoughts and ambitions rather than crappy crap.Then you were alone, rejected and inappropriate for someone but now you are healed,prolific,balanced and appropriate for oneself. You changed yourself dramatically. You are adequate and effervescent about yourself. You intensified yourself through rough patches, drought of attachment and love when needed the most. 

Not everything lingers here, not even your unfavorable situation and journey full of ventures. There will come a culmination of every single bad moment. So cling with yourself. You are the precious commodity. What matters here is you, merely you. you must hope and faith that you will arise again completely even more stronger and sophisticated. Do not let them break you,trample and ridicule you. Sometimes,You have to play an excruciating game to get triumph. Triumph over negativity , over baddest ass, over cruelty ,over anti humanitarianism.  You need to be conscious about what your inner self wants, shape your life accordingly and navigate your pathway towards a cascade of authenticity and bliss you want. It’s only you who regulate your temperament and pitfalls. 

Modify yourself until you feel free. The world keeps oppressing you until you prioritize your self-worth. It’s arduous to  unlearn unessential insights and re-learn essential one. Sometimes it is better to start over and live with peace and laughter.

                                                                                                                       Thank you.

We can fill the void not only being loved and cared , however also involved with mother nature. Feel it.